Your diet can be based on your Genes

posted on 01/05/2019


The human body is an amazing piece of machinery. Especially when thinking about our DNA and genes. They decide if we are better suited as a power lifter or marathon runner, and they may even impact how healthy we are.

We have genes and something called “gene expression.” You see, not all of your genes are active. In other words, only a portion of your genes actually do stuff at any point in time.

Diet regulates gene expression profiles by several mechanisms. DNA analysis gives us further insights to understand the global effect of dietary patterns on health.

Depending on the things you do, genes will activate or deactivate to compensate. Exercise, for example, will activate genes that are necessary for developing strength, size, or endurance.

Exercise is the other piece of advice that we hear over again. It is strongly linked to a variety of health benefits from heart and vascular health, to warding off Alzheimer's, to extending lifespan. But now researchers are beginning to show that exercise may function, at least in part, by affecting the expression of our genes.

It is interesting that what we do alters how our genes work. And it’s good to know that no matter who our parents are we still have a lot of control over our own health and fitness.

Making healthy decisions may not be fool proof, but it could mean the difference between having a significant health issue and avoiding one.

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