The high fat diet that your mother had can affect you

posted on 05/10/2016


In a recent study conducted by the researchers at the Auckland University and Uppsala University in Sweden, findings show that more than 30% of the women are more likely to have daughters who become obese in their later lives. This study shows that the likelihood of passing on the genes of obesity to their daughters is three times high.

The high fatty foods taken in pregnancy can actually lead to excessive fat storage giving birth to obese daughters. There is mounting evidence that obesity during pregnancy may affect children’s health not only in childhood, but also in adult life.

This study underlines how vital it is to try to break the obesity cycle by doing what we can to prevent obesity early in life. This can be made easy if timely intervention can be done. DNA Health Wellness’s Obesity Test helps will not just help you fight obesity but also tell you that you are the carriers of the faulty genes that can pass onto your children and our Genetic Predisposition test will detect which diseases you are of high risk at, so that timely measures can be taken. Obesity is a serious public health issue that requires solutions at every level of society.


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