Switched at Birth

posted on 17/08/2017


Birth of a child brings Joy and Happiness in evryone's life. Every person looks forward to this happy moment of becoming a parent. They desperately wait for this joyous moment, but these happy faces change to gravely sad faces when parent suspect that their baby has been exchanged!!

With increasing no.of Child Swap cases, the parents seem to more often distressed after the child is born. Hospitals with common maternity wards might have a chance of baby exchange. This could also happen by mistake or negligence. This could be a deliberate effort by the nurses or the hospital staff. Child swapping is quite common these days. Little awareness and attention can help deal with such heinous crimes.

The truth can be uncovered by a simple DNA Test with alleged mother and the new born. One can find out the real parents by this simple and easy DNA Procedure, also called the Peace of Mind Maternity Test. Testing parties involve taking sample from the suspected mother and the new born. No documents are required and the results come out in a week.

Parents who doubt that their child might have been exchanged in the hospital premises, can opt for the simple Maternity test or a Patrenity Trio Test wherein Mother, Father and Child all are tested leaving just no doubt that the child belongs to both the parents.

Sadly in India these case come with gender differences, where people still want to believe that they have given birth to a male child and not to a baby girl, leaving girls abandoned.

Indian Biosciences wants to do justice to all the parents and the babies by providing 100% accurate and reliable reports.

To know more about such tests, call us at +91 9818779747/48, or write to us at corporate@inbdna.com

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