Stay Obese Drain your Brain

posted on 05/10/2016


A tiny but provocative Canadian-led study suggests overweight and obese people have significantly less grey and white matter in key brain regions.

The team looked at the impact obesity has on brain structure across the adult life span. The study was conducted on two groups of people i.e. the lean and the obese/overweight. It was found that the overweight individuals showed a widespread reduction in white matter compared to the lean people.

The findings appear to fit with mounting evidence linking higher body mass with poorer impulse control and other “cognitive deficits” that may undercut a person’s efforts to lose weight.

This study tells that obesity is linked to accelerated, age-related brain shrinkage and early-onset dementia.

If you are obese, then by middle-age, your brain may become 10 years “older” than your lean counterparts.

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