Is getting DNA test done for weight loss worth it

posted on 23/11/2017


DNA testing for health, fitness and nutrition is becoming more widespread, and anyone interested in personalisation will be interested in this test. It’s a simple, non-invasive oral swab that you can do yourself and takes a minute to do.

Accessible genetic data can make insights you’re already tracking–say, on a calorie-counting app, or fitness wearable–even more salient. It's the next layer of information people have about themselves.

Based on your genes, there might be a slightly higher chance you'd lose weight with a certain type of diet, but that doesn't mean you couldn't gain weight on it if you're eating more than you're burning.

Genetic tests typically look at specific chromosomes, genes or proteins, and changes or mutations that occur within them, to make determinations about disease or disease risk, body processes or physical traits. Direct-to-consumer tests, which are conducted outside of the medical setting, use cells found in the saliva to reach these results.

In cases when genetic information has been scientifically shown to increase one’s risk of being diagnosed with a complex condition like type 2 diabetes or heart disease in their lifetime, other researchers have studied an equally important question: Does having this personalized information actually lead to lifestyle changes? Well the answer lies on the individuals, some people would love to get back in track after finding out their results, while others would just lay back as usual.

DNA companies have to say that their company provides such detailed information about what users should do to lose body fat or build muscle, that if they’re motivated enough to purchase the test, they’re likely to follow the recommendations.

Fitness experts say that because a client is trying so many diets based on trial methods, getting a DNA test done is beneficial because one gets to know about the exact body requirements and would not have to try different diets with no results. DNA Diet Test is a once in a life test thus eliminating your need trial and error diet plans.

The promise of genetic testing is that it can tell you more about the way you're built, so that you can tailor your lifestyle to fit your biology.

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