Is exercise based training as good as DNA based training

posted on 29/02/2016


DNA plays a large role in determining the intensity of activity your patient will need to maintain a healthy weight and good overall health. Some people require a more vigorous workout regimen. Others may require a less intensive program to get the same results.

When we exercise we cause our body to go through a severe physical stress. Intensive workout needs us to increase oxygen consumption, our heart starts working much faster, our blood vessels widen in order to let more oxygenated blood to where it is mostly need, our body temperature rises and we need to perspire to cool it down. The level of some of our hormones, like endorphins, increases, while production of some other hormones drops. But the most interesting thing is that the way our genes are expressed during exercising changes in comparison to the rest phase. All these complicated processes mentioned above are regulated by changes in gene expression which kicks in is as soon as the body realises that it needs to start working under different, more severe, conditions.

So, “Does exercising alter you DNA?” It can be answered as “no, it does not make any changes in the sequence of letters which make up our DNA” but it can also be answered as “yes, exercises cause changes in the way our DNA functions, in the way our genes work and the way our genes, which are encoded in our DNA, are expressed within the cells”.

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