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posted on 30/10/2017


Countless people have lost families to war, migrations, poverty, etc. Babies have been separated from their parents. We have often heard about situations where poor parents abandoned their children on the roadside.

Divorce, remarriage and infidelity can result in half siblings with no knowledge of each other.  Furthermore, many adults are discovering, often accidentally, that the man who raised them is not their biological father.

All this leaves people with unanswered questions about their origins, ethnicity, and inherited medical conditions.

Knowing your biological roots is a basic human right. Instead of just wondering about lost relatives and Families, one should take action to find them.

Internet is of huge help and there are several agencies that help one find their biological parents. But your DNA can reveal your ethnic mix and ancestors you never knew you had—places and people deep in your past where records can't always take you.

As the cost of DNA testing has come down, a new science called genetic genealogy has developed. For less than a couple of thousands, nearly anyone can uncover hundreds of biological relatives through an "Parental DNA test" or "Ancestral DNA Test" offered by Indian Biosciences, New Delhi. Their centres are located everywhere in India and Home collection can be done in the same cost.

Collectively, more than two million people have taken one or more of these tests. You simply order a home test kit and collect your own DNA by rubbing a swab inside your cheek or walk into one of their collection centres and give away the DNA Sample. A few weeks after your sample is collected, your results will be compared to everyone else in that database and a report will be generated in just 2 weeks.

Some people get lucky and immediately discover a parent, sibling, or first cousin. This will happen more often as the databases get even bigger.

Most likely, your closest matches will be second or third cousins. Second cousins, for example, share a set of great-grandparents with you. By contacting that person and/or examining a posted family tree, you can then do conventional genealogy research to find the branch of their family that includes you.

Tracing down your family and re-uniting with your loved ones, whatever it is Indian Biosciences is there to help you find your family.

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