DNA does not lie

posted on 16/06/2017


Just when you thought you were smart enough to lie, DNA revelaed all the truth.

DNA is found in every nucleated cell of Human beings. From your hair root to your bones, DNA can reveal all the hidden information that you might be carrying. Be it identifying a person, or tracing down ancestry DNA never lies.

Earlier, the word "DNA" brings in images of Crime Scenes, or relationship analysis between father and child. But now this has spread to a wider aspect, not just it is limited to Forensics and CID, but also to Ancestry, Profiling, Prenatal Paternity, Health and Wellness, Weight Loss, Nutrition Metabolism and even Sports.

Your DNA carries information for diseases, for specific population markers and because you inherit half of the DNA from your Mother and half from your Father, establishing the relationship between mother, father and child has become way more easier. People can lie about the relationships, but DNA DOES NOT LIE!!

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