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DNA HEALTH WELLNESS investigates an individual´┐Żs genes to provide reliable and predictable personalized dietary recommendations for specific health outcomes. Each and every individual is different in looks, physique, thought process etc.You must have wondered at times a person eats so much but still remains slim while the other controls so much on food still puts on weight easily. The answer to such difference and many more lie in our genetic structure. There is great diversity in the inherited genome between ethnic groups and individuals which affects nutrient bioavailability and metabolism. Also, people differ greatly in their food/nutrient availability and choices depending on cultural, economical, geographical and taste perception differences.
Thus understanding our genes becomes essential to continue to live in balance with nature. We are blessed that with the advancements in sciences of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, we can easily understand our complete gene structure.
Nutrigenetics is the study of effect of genetic variations on the food we eat. This implies whether our body will be able to metabolise some kind of food or will have some disorder due to that nutrition.
Nutrigenomics on the other hand is the study of role of nutrients and food in gene expression. In other words we understand the role of right nutrition which alters our genes. Our genes can attain their potential well and any damage is avoided. Thus, If nutritional requirements are customized for each individual taking into consideration both his/her inherited and acquired genetic characteristics depending on life stage and dietary preference, then a better health prospect can be created. The practice of such preventive approaches for optimizing health, delaying onset of disease and diminishing its severity help live a healthier life. An individual should take nutrition in sync with their genes. So, it is time that we bring our genes in balance with our environment. DNA Health Wellness provides extensive range of genetic tests utilizing the years of researches and studies related to interaction of nutrition, genetics, and nature.
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Genetic Test for Weight Loss

Exercise and dieting may help you in short term for weight loss but the solution to weight control lies in your genes.
We study your genes which can affect your metabolism, fat accumulation, waste elimination process etc. The right balance of carbohydrates, proteins for your body can be estimated to follow an effective weight loss regime.

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Genetic Test for Nutrition Metabolism

The biological and physiological information of a human body can now be combined with the genetic knowledge accumulated over years of research and studies. We at DNA Health Wellness give you a personalised training plan according to your reports . Optimise your health and wellness by understanding your DNA and how you can benefit from a change in changes to your nutrition intake.

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Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

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